Technology and Tools

Bayou Pro Home Inspections uses the technology and tools that best fit the needs of your project. From basic instruments to cutting edge technology, we are trained and equipped to give you a comprehensive picture of your residential investment or bring solutions for your indoor environment concerns.


Thermal imaging detects small thermal differences in building materials which may reveal problems that are completely unseen by visual inspection. These include:

  • Moisture – intrusion or plumbing leaks
  • Potentially hazardous electrical problems such as circuit overloading and loose connections
  • Energy efficiency losses (utility hogs), such as lack of, or ineffective insulation, and air infiltration
  • Insect (bees, ants, termites, etc.) and other vermin infestation
  • Damaged or non-functioning solar panels

4 Important Facts About Infrared

  1. Infrared Cameras are not X-Ray machines!
  2. Infrared cameras only show surface temperature patterns.
  3. We are trained to properly interpret the infrared findings.
  4. Specific conditions are needed to find wet building materials. But when those conditions are met. WOW! The images are amazing!

properly functioning solar panels

damp roof decking where chimney exits the roof

damp carpet where boxes were placed

moisture behind drywall


Air sampling is used to detect airborne mold, bacteria and even allergens. We use it to establish a baseline prior to sanitization and remediation, to differentiate between indoor and outdoor environments, and for clearance testing post-remediation.


VOC sampling allows us to determine if there are any household chemicals, off-gassing of building materials or other bioaerosols that may be contaminating your indoor environment.


Surface sampling is a critical part of data collection for any mold or IAQ assessment, as it can identify the presence and type of surface mold or bacteria that may be present.


The AirAnswers® device has the ability to identify the harmful, invisible bioaerosols that can cause potentially harmful health effects like asthma attacks or cardiovascular issues. AirAnswers® allows us to take pinpointed actions and bring confidence and peace-of-mind to our clients through testing for allergens, molds and viruses such as COVID-19.


A moisture testing meter is a basic tool of the trade, but it is vital to helping to identify potential sources of moisture in a home or commercial space.


Temperature and relative humidity monitors provide us with baseline data about the overall air quality in an indoor space. They also give us insight into the effectiveness of HVAC units and how well the home is sealed from unwanted air or moisture intrusion.


A particulate counter is a great screening tool that helps us to identify areas of air infiltration or point to other systemic air quality contaminants.